Friday, October 8, 2010

Why we have a brain???

It is Friday night, long weekend, actually the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. I had a glass of wine with my dinner. I really enjoyed sipping on it. I hope this one sided conversation was not the product of this glass of wine playing a trick on my brain.:)

Anyway... here comes bedtime, as always kids need a snack, try to give them a healthy snack so they do not go bouncy bouncy on me before bedtime. Chloe, my 6 year old, who is in Gr 1 asks me: " Mom, do you know why we have a brain?"Ohh....this is one of those evenings...So I just simply say, no why Chloe? She says: You know when I listen to my radio in my room when Riley is awake? And do you know the song mommy Party in the USA?" ( Yeah, when she got this CD from PAPA all we had to listen to in the car was this song, NON-STOP, of course I know this song, how can I not!? I even made a scrapbooking page for her of this song. See a previous post...:) ). I say:" Yes."

She quickly goes on stuffing her mouth with rise krispies ( not the best bed time snack ): We have a brain so we can remember things. I have this song in my head now. Oh my Gosh! I can not get it out of it now!" So she smacks her own head and continues. The brain has lines you know mommy. It has lines like a-a-a-a-a and b-b-b-b-b and c-c-c-c-c-c. And once I saw a brain on PBS kids. A REAL brain she yells out. And you know the real brain has lines too. And there was a kids who touched the brain, he was this tall! She shows something which is half of her size.

I did not get a chance to say anything to respond anymore other than nodding my head. She was fast t eat her snack and ran up to brush her teeth not waiting for a comment.

What a 6 year old girl's brain goes through every day... :)

Happy Brainstorming to all!


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