Sunday, August 30, 2009

A quite house....

So the pictures come first...

Riley taking away daddy's paper.....

...and making a big mess, trying to find a good deal on things and stuff...
Riley with his haircut ( by mommy )

Some cucumbers, I forgot to take pics of the other vegetables.

Riley is so happy standing up in his crib....

...playing peek-a-boo with daddy....

Ken is lowering the crib for Riley.

Our house was quite on Friday and Saturday... ( well less nose for sure without Chloe being at home ).

I had a nice little break I wish it had lasted longer but I am thankful no matter what. I needed some time off. Friday night Bozena and Flaviu came over and just relaxed. Riley goes to bed at 9 pm and sleeps till at leas 8 am .... ( I know, I should not complain about anything but I will have to ). So my baby decides to stay up till 10.30 pm to " party " with us and is up at 7 am on Saturday morning! Yep, that is right, since we do not have Chloe here to wake us up in the morning Riley takes over her role, little bugger. I just wanted to sleep in. Can and I had a relaxing morning and did our own things.He fiddled with the jetskiis and I did some house stuff, organized my scrapbooking stuff and made 2 more cards a double page layout. I will post pics of it. I went for a little walk with Riley. We went to Moxies with Ken's friends and than came back to our house and just relaxed with a cup of tea. :) We had a really good time both nights. AND the house was quite and tidy. :)

Sunday morning we had an early riser again, but it was all good, since I wanted to head up North at an early time... So after our breakfast we were ready to go to get our little noisemaker back. from gramma's house. ( Chloe ).

Chloe was happy to see us. She had a great weekend away. She went shopping to Bigleys in Bobcaygon, and got 3 pars of shoes and a pair of new slipper for grandma's house. Apparently she screamed with excitement looking at all the pretty, fancy highheel shoes.....I also got a pair of nice, brown boot, but unfortunately I did not like the style, thanks grandma, it was a nice thought. I will be there next week to check the out myself. Chloe want to an art gallery and to the Peterborough Zoo and out for lunch in Lakefield. What a busy little girl.

I weeded tomatoes and picked some, and I even managed to make some tomatoe sauce after getting back home tonight. I picked onions, cucumber, zucchinies, leeks and carrots too, I had so much zucchini es and cucumber that on our way home dropped some off at Bozenas.

Tomorrow we are having some potatoes and carrots for dinner. Chicken for daddy and Chloe and I will have zucchini fritters, YUMMY!

So I am all tired now. And on top of this I realized I do not have a baby anymore. Riley is pulling himself up to stand in his crib so I had to ask Ken to lower his crib....TROUBLE! I see a busy little boy going everywhere and getting into lots of things soon!

Well, Hope you all had a nice weekend! All I can think of is 10 more sleeps till school starts for Chloe, she will be in SK! She can read and mastered finally her 5's and 8's. I am so proud of her!

Thanks for stopping by and have a Good Night! AND a great week ahead of you all!

PS: I almost forgot! I cut that big piece of baby hair off the top of Riley's head and he has 2 TEETH showing under his gum on the bottom! :)
I will post some more art tomorrow evening so stay tuned!

What a mile stone for him! His first 2 teeth, the fist haircut, and him pulling himself to stand up! No wonder he partied on Friday till late with us!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Child Less - well one less child in my house

YEEeeaaAaahhh! Grampa came to pick Chloe up to take her back to the farm for the weekend! She did not want to go, she said she only wanted to visit and wanted to see Princess ( Her Kitty, that is right no kitties in my house, lol ). I really needed a break from her so it just came at a perfect time. Remind me when is school starting again??!! :) I can not wait!
Ken was really excited to take us to a nearby go-kart place. So he rushes home to have dinner with us, though he finds Chloe sitting in the corner as soon as he steps in the house. My kid is non-stop blowing into her pasta hole-penne flute. So after several warning she sits 2 time out. I am pulling my hair out,, she did not listen all day. I really had a hard day with her so as much as I wanted to have some family time I refused to go with the go-karting. Ken and Chloe took off and I caught up with some hosue stuff. Ken and Chloe really enjoyed watching the go-karts race. They could not go-kart since there was a racing league going on that night. We are all planning going together on Monday if all behaves well and mommy does not get a nervous break down by then.

So I am enjoying the peace and quite now, I should wake Riley up though... Gotta get some groceries and some drinks since we are having Bozena and Falviu over tonight.

Here are some cards and a double page layout made with Twitterpated and different stamp sets from CTMH. Enjoy it and thanks for reading and looking... Have an awesome weekend!

PS: Yes I am addicted to Twitterpated....Soooooon, very soon I will try to use some other paper...Let me just finish this paper pack. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I started getting the kids ready to bed early since school is just around the corner! Yippeee! Well, I guess I am more excited than anybody else but I just want to slow down now, if that is possible. To be honest it is me who needs to be re-scheduled... I am a night owl and actually so are my kids. We like to sleep in. We usually get up at around 9 am and when school starts I have to be up latest by 7 am, Ouch! I am not looking forward to that part of the school starting. Anyhow, we were out the door on our way to " school" in the morning. Early which is 10 am Chloe was riding and I was speedwalking after her which was great exercise for me. Chloe kept complaining that her knees hurt, oh well, get used to it Girly! You are being trained for our morning walk or bike ride to school. :) Riley enjoyed his stroller ride, he hang out on the side of it and chewed on the stroller's different sides and parts while looking down on the sidewalk. Gosh, Chloe kept whingeing all day...she said she was itchy but I did not see anything. Boy o boy! By dinner time I noticed a red spot over her eyebrow and so I checked her out. She had H-U-G-E RASHES ON HER UPPER BODY! The size of my palm! So Riley is still sleeping at 6 pm, Ken is on his way home to take Chloe to the walk in clinic. Whew, not to woorry, it is an allergic reaction to something, but who knows what the doctor said. Give her Benedryl and she'll be fine. We'll see. he poor thing. Love ya Baby! I was really tired today and could not wait the day to end. By 9 pm both kids were in bed and I had a loooong , hot shower and a cup of tea after while working on some Twitterpated cards and pages.

Check them out, hope you like them! I still have lots of paper left of this kit! So far I made 3 cards and 2 double page layouts and there is more to come! :) The cards and layouts are made with CTMH products! Gotta love them! Good Night!

My Twitterpated layout. This is one of my pre-made layouts for Thanksgiving and I can not wait to put some pics on them.

And here come 3 cards...How cute these little mushrooms are. I love the liquid glass embellishments on the stamped image.

PS: This is my fav paper kit of all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A cool weekend at the cottage

Friday night we headed out to Four Mile Lake to spend the weekend at a rented cottage with my in-laws and her friends. We were hoping for good weather so we could finally enjoy the water but the weather Gods were not so nice to us. My MIL and I went out on the Kayak on Saturday late morning. The lake was so beautiful, like a glass mirror. I had such a nice relaxing time. We saw a loon family just a few meters from us, they gilded by us on the water to take off...
Once we got back to the cottage Ken ( husband ) took Chloe out on the jetski. She was very excited because daddy had promised her she could drive. And she did. She was so proud we all had to watch her. " Mommy, Mommy! Watch me Iam driving! " That is all she yelled out to us..Brrrmmmm. It was funny to watch her as she kept revving the engine up and go very slow.

In the evening my MIL friends were relaxing with us at the main cottage. Shelley, my MIL and I played games after the kids went to bed. One of my fav game was on the menu - Scrabble and some other games. I really had a great time.

Sunday was cool and rained all morning.Linda ( my MIL ) and I decided to leave the boys with the kids and head to the farm to harvest some of the vegetables we organically grew. We picked, cucumber, zucchinis, spinach, onions and some tomatoes and potatoes, oh and leeks too. I do not have to mention that my fridge was full with almost vegetable only. I already made tomatoe sauce and baby food for Riley from the zucchini. I also made tasty Hungarian cucumber salad, YUMMY!

I also got some time to scrapbook. I prepared some stuff for these Christmas cards and the new Twitterpated layout at the cottage. I am tired since I just finished working on the projects. Let me tell ya, it was much easier with only one child, I definitely had more mommy time. I still love my babies and would not change anything in my life! :)

Here are some picture, enjoy them!

Chloe and daddy making a puzzle on a rainy day at the cottage.
Chloe is driving the jetski. Riley loves splashing in the water.
Hello Mommy!

The New Twitterpated layout. This layout is made using CTMH products. Just LOVE this kit! This is my fav paper of al! And look how cute the embelishements are!

Ms. Holiday Cheer ( Stamp set - CTMH ) Christmas cards

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Day...

Oh Boy! What a day! Riley was cranky aaaalllllday. If I was out of his sight or if I put him down to play on his own he was screaming. It started once we got to Carol's house to get my ''NEW" CTMH bag and to drop off the layout I made for her and her stamp. Ok, so after a very short visit in we get the van and off we go to Nature's Emporium. Not a lucky day there either. He did nit want to be in the car so he screamed...I had to take the car seat out and carry his heavy little body around in ti while pushing the cart and watching Chloe bouncing all over the place. And on top of it I did not get what I was looking for. After a tiring day, at 3:30 in the afternoon I decided to drive down to the Bella store since Emily called me to let me know they have the markers I was looking for. I told her that my hubby will go to pick them up tomorrow on his way home from work, that way I will only buy what I need not what I want. :) Well, I was crazy enough after having a fussy baby all day to start driving down knowing I will hit traffic on my way back home. Oh well, Riley sleeps well in the car, so lets head out. Nope, As we got closer to the store Rile got cranky again. At the store I was caring him in my arm trying to shop, but Emily was nice to help me out... AND I met a lady who was there with her husband I would say they were about 60 years old. The lady told me she was stamping for over 20 years now and she had over 3000 stamps!!!!! Crazy!!! AND her husband started stamping 10 years ago since he was bored left alone all the time so he figured he would pick up his wife's hobby. How Cute! They were looking at the products together admiring them. :)Trust me, my hubby is not a stamper, he likes what I am doing but he likes his cars and jetskiis better. Anyway, I got what I wanted and even what I did not go for at the Bella store. So the drive was not too bad on my way home... I was relieved when Ken got home since he was driving in Vaughn around the time the tornado hit. How crazy this weather.... I really enjoyed watching the rain drizzle tonight...I fed Riley outside some home made organic zucchini ( from our farm ). Chloe was skipping in the rain while we gazed at a beautiful double rainbow.

Even though I was tired and could not wait to get to bed I decided to make some cards. Tonight I used my Bird Basics and Happy Birthday stamps set - CTMH stamp sets - and here are the cards I put together. Again, I can not figure my camera out...