Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick update: long weekend to 1st day of school

Our long weekend was pretty good. We had our friends come for dinner one night, we went to visit my in-laws at the farm and worked on the garden, and we took Chlo go-karting. She loved the little car and she wants to go back again and again. She enjoyed when daddy was sliding..... :) I love how she is relaxed holding her one arm on the side of the car.

My creative juices are not lowing.... I have not made anything in a week so I was really determined I would do something tonight....Here is the result a simple Thank You card with the Twitterpated kit.

Ahhh, today my big girl become an S.K. student. She was very excited to go to school and was happy to showcase her new Hannah Montana backpack....She even had to show Mrs. Turner, who I am sure was impressed. Chloe had a really good day, and I was very busy in the kitchen ...While Riley had a nap in the am I made a loaf of banana bread with pecans, home made tomatoe sauce ( I roasted the tomatoes in the oven ), the tomatoes from our ( MIL ) farm, and curried potatoe and leek soup ( these vegetables are also produced on our farm )...yum,. I did not get a chance to make zucchini for Riley, I still have some in the freezer anyway.

Ouch, I am just tired and sore...I went to a spin class last night with a friend of mine and thanks to her I am in pain...My core is hurting...she did not tell me that it was an advanced class ( being my second I thought I did pretty well ). It is all good I need to get into shape. :)
Good Night All!

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