Thursday, September 3, 2009


Chloe finally got her new Hannah Montana The Movie DVD. What a rip off! No , they can not just sell one DVD with the movie in it. There are free in a box. Listen to this, ! One Blu Ray with the dance moves on it as extras, one for the computer and one regular one and it is over $40! Why do I have to buy free! I do not need one for the computer! Anyhow, she was really excited to watch it but she did not want to dance around since her one arm was hurting her still from yesterday's shots.

I did not get much done in the house today, sat on the computer a lot and chatted with Pap... I was a bit low today. :(

Amber and I went over to the local community centre after dinner to do a 45 min spinning class...Little I knew ...I thought I would just sit on a bike and paddle away....just relaxing. NO, that was not the case, we had to stand up to ride the darn bike- which was better anyway since the seats are so hard and uncomfortable ( and yes Amber warned me about it and told me that I should probably purchase a gel seat pad for the bike, but I completely forgot ) and I had to keep turning up the numbers on my bike, that turned it down, than climb, than go fast, YES I was SPINNING, my head anyway. I really enjoyed this workout and I am sure to go back once a week. After our workout we came back to have a fresh made fruit and vegetable juice and some pine nuts and cashews. Amber needs to consume more vegetables and fruits ( my fussy eater :) ) She looked like she was going to escape without finishing off her juice but I caught her and ordered her to drink it all up!

Yeah, she is my new best friend, right...? I have my own personal fitness trainer now!
Thanks Am!

Yes, I did not do any scrapbooking or cards, I just was not in the mood today.....

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  1. Nice that you at least got to go out and do a class. I love it when I get to go to hip hop as it is my time for me.