Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starbucks coffe and other interesting things in one day

So I am a busy girl today... I decided to make potatoe and leek soup for dinner since I had these vegetables picked from our farm on the weekend. I had to make my dinner for tonight in the morning since I had to take the kids for their check-up at 2 pm and than I was heading out just after our dinner to do a gathering. So I am cooking and come to the pint where I need to add my organic vegetable broth to the soup. After spicing it up I taste it and it tastes awful! What did I do wrong??!! So I checked the expiry date and it was expired on the 2nd of June, 2009! 3 months exact today and I just purchased it on Monday at our local Sobey's. So I call up the company to complain on the customer service rep girl was not too nice, but she said I could just send you a coupon and she did not even say bye. She was very rude I just wanted to make a point that I had to throw my dinner out and wasted my morning and now I need to make another dinner....ARGHH, I am so upset. So I call up Sobey's and the customer service lady was very nice, very understanding and she directed my call to the manager. Wow, he was something, I have many words to use for him, but I will not. He does not introduce himself, to begin with, I thought and employee picked the phone up since he jut kept hello-ing. So I said it it Tunde Duncan, is that the manager. Yes, he says it is Frank. Ok, so I explain what happened and he seems he does not understand English, So I tell my story again and that the vegetable broth was expired etc...So he tells me to bring it in to test it. So I say it is in the soup but I can bring the empty box and my receipt...Well, he says I am sure it is ok, (I am pissed right now. ) you know when you buy a box of cookies you know, even if it expires it should be ok. Well, I said it expired 3 months ago, and it does not taste good. Id does not matter how long ago expired it should not be on the shelf. So he says ok, bring the box in and I will do something nice for you ( like I am a child or what, what nice thing is he gonna do for me ) He did not even understand the brand " Imagine" Organic vegetable broth so I yelled at him , since I had to repeat myself 3 time. I say, Do you speak English, I am yelling from the top of my lung now and you do not get it??!! Imagine, just like imagination, how do you want me to say it???? Arghh... So he says what do you want me to do? WOW!!!!! I said: you are the manager you could probably say at this point instead of arguing with me that sorry Madam, I will have someone to check the shelf and remove if there are any more expired products there. Ok, he says I will do that and come in I am here today till 5 and I will do something nice for you. ( will I get a massage, that would be something nice he could do, I mean he could pay for a spa treatment, lol) Anyway I went in after 1 pm, he was not there, I got my money back... Too bad I really wanted to see him...Anyhow I left my number with someone to have him call me. Lets see what happens. I am just upset since I have to order a stupid pizza.

My hubby texts me in the morning that he brought Reba a latte and she did not know it was him She was behind So I check FB and sure enough she posts that she loves Aurora, a guy just bought her a Latte. Hahaha, little she knew. So comments after comments she still does not get that it was Ken. So I call her and explain I could not keep myslef from telling her. She did not catch on and she did not beleive me! I posted on her FB saying, I know who bought you your latte, and the jerk , must have a wife and two kids at home, I wish he got me a coffee... still she did not get it. So I told her add Ken on your FB friends and say thanks to him, still nothing, lol I guess she needed another latte. :)

Ok, so I am driving in the left lane on Yonge Street taking the kids to the doctor and a pick-up truck is slowly coming in my lane, woooondering get so close it is almost touching my van so I lay on the hor! Hooooonk! He must have been on the phone or something, I did not see the driver, I was just watching the truck so closely in fear of getting hit! I honked, he slowly wondered back into his lane and back out to the left no signaling...

After lunch I took the kids for their dr app. Riley needed his 6 months check up and Chloe needed her 4-6 year shots. Riley is on the top of everything, height weight, he is 8.95 kgs ( 19.69 lbs ) at 6 1/2 months. Chloe was nervous about her needles and kept asking a lot of questions fro Dr Leader. She made a little cry , more like a little weep, and I jelly cookie from the coffee shop made it all better. What a big girl! I was very proud of her.

So on the way home she is asking me: " so mom, I do not get a needle ever again? " No, I say, you will not get one until you are 15. Ook, so she says will I still be living with you? I guess, I say, You will have to live with us till your are 18 at least than you can move to your own house. Ok, I will move than when I get bigger. I say: Why would you want to move to your own house? Would like to have a husband and kids? No, she says, I guess I do not want to move, I can just live with you. So I laughed and she told me not to say anything to Daddy about our little conversation. I wish I could get into her little head sometimes and find out what she really thinks... Gotta love kids :)

Well, for dinner I ordered pizza , since my soup was ruined. 5:30, dinner time, phone rings, guess who it is?! It is FRANK, the weired Sobey's store manager ( he has been at this location for 2 days, what a great job he is doing already! ) So he says thank for coming in, Even though I missed him I say that is ok. Well, he says, I was thought not to lat, so I say did you out for lunch, he says no, I went to tour the new Longo's with my Boss. He says it is busy and pricey. (Ok, what does this have to do with me? ) So he says, I told you I will do something nice for you ( I am still hoping for a massage :) ). Why do not you come in and I will buy you dinner! What !!!! I am thinking WTF!? He say, I will buy you dinner so you do not have to cook one night , I will buy you some chicken and vegetables ( I did not tell him I was a vegetarian, probably he could not process that information ), so I said thank you to him... I have no Idea how he is going to execute his plan but he told me to come in and look for him. I hate this, I just wanted to make a point that my dinner was ruined, and I craved the darn soup too, and I had to order a pizza instead. Anyhow, Frank is going to do something nice for me :)

So after dinner I rush out to the a gathering. Rebekah had some lovely ladies to join her and I hope they all had fun. I hope they liked my surprise as to what I added to the card we made as the gathering project. :) Oh my goodness, she had so much goodies that I have to say no to just because I am trying to watch my weight... next time! How small this World is! I met the ladies that know Veronica: Sheril and Diana! Hi Vern!

So I am all tired out...

Tomorrow my FIL is coming to look after Chloe so I can get some stuff done in the house.

Sorry, no layouts or pictures tonight hopefully tomorrow.... Mind you, I am going spinning tomorrow evening...gotta get into shape!

Good Night and have a great Thursday!


  1. Wow Tunde, sounds liek you had a very busy day. lol Nice to hear you met some of my friends.I hope tomorrow is a better day.....maybe you should take up Frank on his dinner....he he he