Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Riley Turns 1 Year Old

I clearly remember the night when my water broke. How can I EVER forget.I remember getting out of the shower at midnight ( yes, I told you all before I am a night owl ) and standing by my husband's side of the bed with tears in my eyes telling him I just want to experience my water breaking etc..I was a few days overdue and I really did not want to be induced.So I left to lay down. Miracles soon as I laid down guess what?! MY WATER BROKE!!! Now I was having happy tears flooding my eyes. I yelled out loud : MY WATER BROKE KENNY!!! His response was:" How do you know?!: DUH! What a dumb question. I say: " well I do not think I peed myself". He is wondering if he could see it so I am keep yelling at him,JUST GET ME A TOWEL! YIPPEE, I was so happy and excited and nervous at the same time....We are going to have another baby soon, well I hoped soon, but that was not the case. I can not have everything. So I called up my mother-in-law to come on over because we are heading out to the hospital. Unfortunately as soon as I laid down my contractions stopped and after having them every 2-4 minutes they were 7-8 minutes apart again. I was exhausted after not having to sleep for a day, I had to be up and walking, roaming the stairs of the hospital till I was almost 9 Cm's. I pushed for about 1 1/2 - thanks to the wonderful Midwifes of York Region I had my baby boy Riley William Darcy Duncan at 12:34 pm on the 12th of February,2009. I loved every moment of the delivery, and I can clearly remember everything ( I can not say the same thing for my daughter's birth - I had a Demerol shot so I passed out- but it was a natural birth with Riley ). The wait, the pain, the exhaustion was worth it! I love you Riley or Daisy- this is what Chloe calls her brother ( I have no idea why she calls him this name, but it is kinda cute ), you are an amazing little man, son, brother, grandson....You are always happy, you make us all smile. You are the best gift to your the best gift we could have ever given to Chloe!

Happy Birthday Riley!

Love, Mom

These pictures were taken 4 days before his birthday.


  1. how cute! Just came across your blog from the CTMH Bulletin Board. You have a lovey family!