Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bicycle Double Page Layout

Hello my fellow scrapbookers!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am not doing much at all today just laying low, feeling very tired. Pretty much a lazy couch kinda day. Trust me it is a bliss, since I do not get to lay on the couch a lot and do nothing with with 2 kids around, but we are visiting at grandma's so she was busy with the grand kids today.

Here is a double page layout I made for my daughter. She was getting ready to go out for the frst time on her two - wheeler. All summer long she kept asking us to take off her trainig wheels which daddy was not keen on - worries too much. :) So he just kept adjusting the training wheels so it felt like Chloe was riding a two - wheeler once she was in balance. So to our excitement just before school started this fall we took her training wheels off and she took off no problem! She was very proud, and we were too. :)

Bye for now,
T. :)

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