Monday, November 8, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper - Boy's pants with pink line

So I was away for the weekend, as you know I scrapbook, and I enjoyed every minute of the retreat. Thanks to my darling husband who looked after our kids all weekend, keeping them busy with play dates, going to the indoor play park, visiting with friends etc...God Bless him, he even helped me doing laundry! I guess somebody washed the dark clothes with some red clothes, well, I can just assume since I did not even ask him...I guess Ishould just go now and mention it to him just to get an idea as to what happened. Never mind, it is just a pair of pants and I was away, who cares right?!

So here is my little man's pants with the white lines turned pink. :)

I appreciate everything my husband does for our family!

Have a good night!

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