Monday, November 8, 2010

Scrapbooking weekend away - Strattford

So I am back from an awesome scrapbooking weekend thanks to Sandy's Workshop and my 3 room mates .

Friday morning

My friend "A" picked me up Friday morning and after unloading all her stuff from my truck and loading all our scrapbooking stuff into my truck we were all set to go. We were followed by our friends "I" and "N" to Strattford. The drive took a little more than 2 hours but listen to this! My new scrapbooking friend "k" drove ALL the way from OTTAWA! Seriously! 6 hour drive! :)

"A", "N" and I had a tasty lunch at the local Williams Coffee Shop! OMG! Yummy french onion soup with grilled vegetable goat cheese pannini and a delicious cappuccino was my lunch.Pictures to follow soon! Come on ladies I need my pics e-mailed to me! :)

After we settled in we started to create layouts after layouts. Look at me! were sticking everywhere! Later I will post some pictures of the layouts I made.

What a crazy day! Saturday afternoon all of a sudden the hotel's fire alarm went off ! The alarm was deafening. The only thing I was worried about was what happens if the sprinkler system kicks in!!! All I could think of is where do I hide my paper and pictures and all my beloved scrapbooking supplies. So after 5 minutes of alarm noise "N" and I decided to get out of the Hotel...Guess what, I ended up at Williams Coffee shop again.

So the firemen came, found nothing, alarms were turned off by the time we got back. Funny, or not I guess, It made us nervous, we smelled electrical burning smell just around the corner where our room was. See the firemen checking and testing...Yeah, I know, I had to take pictures.

Us crazy ladies on Saturday night! We had a great time did not we??? We laughed so hard our stomach were in pain, and tears were rolling down our cheeks.I can not wait to scrapbook the pictures we took this weekend especially that infamous long note "A" wrote.

Guess what!? We needed this trolley well, not me in specific, but some ladies brought an insane amount of scrappy supplies! This was the transportation device between the car and scrappy room.
I managed to make 15, well, 16 double page layouts! Pictures are coming soon! :) I promise.
That is it for now!
Have a great afternoon!

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