Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day In Hungary

Hi All,

I am excited to start my first blog today. This is a special day since it is Mother's day in Hungary. I called up my mom to wish her well. My family was busy working on the house and also helping the neighbours to put up their fences. They never stop, they work so hard all the time. I am so proud of them, they take so much pride in their house they built and the are constantly working on it. My mom even on this special day is out there helping to finish the fencing.

Ken and Chloe left to the farm this morning after breakfast. I am home with Riley. He has been a bit fussy, it seems he is teetheing, which is very odd since he is not even 3 months old. Druling, stuffing his fist in his mouth or whatevere he can stuff in there. Let me tell ya, as soon as he has one tooth and that tooth bits me he is OFF the boob!

I got me new shipment from CTMH and I am so excited to use their BE Yourself stamp set. I made some cards yesterday and once I have time and figure it out I will post the pictures of them.

I better get going, I have to do groceries and tidy up a bit. The wather is not too bad so I am hoping to go out on my walk in hopes of loosing some weight....

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. love your Be Yourself cards! ~Paula

  2. Hey Paula's Place!

    It is time to celebrate! You made the first comment on my Blog! Yipppeeee... sorry am I too excited?! ok I am ... :) Thanks!