Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Pictures

Mother's Days is just 2 more days away. I never get any pictures taken of me with the kids so I decided to pack the kids up this morning to go to The Superstore. I have not made an appointment in advance so I kust called them up this morning to see if they have a spot open for us. Luckily they did. I took some pictures of Chloe and Riley before heading out and I want to share them with you now.The one that was taken at the photo studio will be ready tomorrow. I will be adding that in tommorrow.

I am attending a crop on Saturday. I am kinda organized. I will have to pack up after the kids go to bed for sure or I am not going, lol... ( Oh yes I am!!! ) I can not wait to go and get some me time. Well, I will bring Riley with me and my hubby will pick him up from me toward at the end of the crop. Awesome, he will give him formula and I can get some layouts done hopefully. I really find it difficult to get any scrapbooking done these days. I know I just had a baby, but I am just so anxious to scrapbook those pictures I have gotten developed.

It was a beautifil morning here today, almost summer I should say. We went to the park, pleayed outside, got a pick-nick planket out, blew bubbles....
It is supposed to be rainy on Saturday so I do not feel guilty for being away on a Saturday from my family.

Enjoy the day it is so beatuful out today!

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