Sunday, August 30, 2009

A quite house....

So the pictures come first...

Riley taking away daddy's paper.....

...and making a big mess, trying to find a good deal on things and stuff...
Riley with his haircut ( by mommy )

Some cucumbers, I forgot to take pics of the other vegetables.

Riley is so happy standing up in his crib....

...playing peek-a-boo with daddy....

Ken is lowering the crib for Riley.

Our house was quite on Friday and Saturday... ( well less nose for sure without Chloe being at home ).

I had a nice little break I wish it had lasted longer but I am thankful no matter what. I needed some time off. Friday night Bozena and Flaviu came over and just relaxed. Riley goes to bed at 9 pm and sleeps till at leas 8 am .... ( I know, I should not complain about anything but I will have to ). So my baby decides to stay up till 10.30 pm to " party " with us and is up at 7 am on Saturday morning! Yep, that is right, since we do not have Chloe here to wake us up in the morning Riley takes over her role, little bugger. I just wanted to sleep in. Can and I had a relaxing morning and did our own things.He fiddled with the jetskiis and I did some house stuff, organized my scrapbooking stuff and made 2 more cards a double page layout. I will post pics of it. I went for a little walk with Riley. We went to Moxies with Ken's friends and than came back to our house and just relaxed with a cup of tea. :) We had a really good time both nights. AND the house was quite and tidy. :)

Sunday morning we had an early riser again, but it was all good, since I wanted to head up North at an early time... So after our breakfast we were ready to go to get our little noisemaker back. from gramma's house. ( Chloe ).

Chloe was happy to see us. She had a great weekend away. She went shopping to Bigleys in Bobcaygon, and got 3 pars of shoes and a pair of new slipper for grandma's house. Apparently she screamed with excitement looking at all the pretty, fancy highheel shoes.....I also got a pair of nice, brown boot, but unfortunately I did not like the style, thanks grandma, it was a nice thought. I will be there next week to check the out myself. Chloe want to an art gallery and to the Peterborough Zoo and out for lunch in Lakefield. What a busy little girl.

I weeded tomatoes and picked some, and I even managed to make some tomatoe sauce after getting back home tonight. I picked onions, cucumber, zucchinies, leeks and carrots too, I had so much zucchini es and cucumber that on our way home dropped some off at Bozenas.

Tomorrow we are having some potatoes and carrots for dinner. Chicken for daddy and Chloe and I will have zucchini fritters, YUMMY!

So I am all tired now. And on top of this I realized I do not have a baby anymore. Riley is pulling himself up to stand in his crib so I had to ask Ken to lower his crib....TROUBLE! I see a busy little boy going everywhere and getting into lots of things soon!

Well, Hope you all had a nice weekend! All I can think of is 10 more sleeps till school starts for Chloe, she will be in SK! She can read and mastered finally her 5's and 8's. I am so proud of her!

Thanks for stopping by and have a Good Night! AND a great week ahead of you all!

PS: I almost forgot! I cut that big piece of baby hair off the top of Riley's head and he has 2 TEETH showing under his gum on the bottom! :)
I will post some more art tomorrow evening so stay tuned!

What a mile stone for him! His first 2 teeth, the fist haircut, and him pulling himself to stand up! No wonder he partied on Friday till late with us!

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