Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Day...

Oh Boy! What a day! Riley was cranky aaaalllllday. If I was out of his sight or if I put him down to play on his own he was screaming. It started once we got to Carol's house to get my ''NEW" CTMH bag and to drop off the layout I made for her and her stamp. Ok, so after a very short visit in we get the van and off we go to Nature's Emporium. Not a lucky day there either. He did nit want to be in the car so he screamed...I had to take the car seat out and carry his heavy little body around in ti while pushing the cart and watching Chloe bouncing all over the place. And on top of it I did not get what I was looking for. After a tiring day, at 3:30 in the afternoon I decided to drive down to the Bella store since Emily called me to let me know they have the markers I was looking for. I told her that my hubby will go to pick them up tomorrow on his way home from work, that way I will only buy what I need not what I want. :) Well, I was crazy enough after having a fussy baby all day to start driving down knowing I will hit traffic on my way back home. Oh well, Riley sleeps well in the car, so lets head out. Nope, As we got closer to the store Rile got cranky again. At the store I was caring him in my arm trying to shop, but Emily was nice to help me out... AND I met a lady who was there with her husband I would say they were about 60 years old. The lady told me she was stamping for over 20 years now and she had over 3000 stamps!!!!! Crazy!!! AND her husband started stamping 10 years ago since he was bored left alone all the time so he figured he would pick up his wife's hobby. How Cute! They were looking at the products together admiring them. :)Trust me, my hubby is not a stamper, he likes what I am doing but he likes his cars and jetskiis better. Anyway, I got what I wanted and even what I did not go for at the Bella store. So the drive was not too bad on my way home... I was relieved when Ken got home since he was driving in Vaughn around the time the tornado hit. How crazy this weather.... I really enjoyed watching the rain drizzle tonight...I fed Riley outside some home made organic zucchini ( from our farm ). Chloe was skipping in the rain while we gazed at a beautiful double rainbow.

Even though I was tired and could not wait to get to bed I decided to make some cards. Tonight I used my Bird Basics and Happy Birthday stamps set - CTMH stamp sets - and here are the cards I put together. Again, I can not figure my camera out...


  1. Whew! Sounds like a rough day! :( But your cards are super cute!

  2. Thanks Crystal! :) It was a rough day but in the end I always have a smile on my face... they are too cute.