Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just another Tuesday... Life is Good!

I made these 4 Tree top cards tonight , the stamp set and some scrap paper are from CTMH, trying to use up my scrap paper. Simple but cute. :)

Just another Tuesday, but a fun one...
My morning with the kids started out really nicely. Riley was a sleepy head today and soon after he woke up he went back to bed. Chloe listened to her fave songs on her MP3 player sitting on her bed as a teenager. Gosh, these kids grow up so fast, you blink and another year passed by it seems. Chloe was excited to have Jenna and her sister over for a play date. Claire had her friend invite her last minute so she did not come. Chloe and Jenna played awesome together: they painted, we went for a walk and to the park, and after a great lunch they had some ice cream.

Tomorrow we are going to the splash park again with our good friends kids Viki and Stephania and meeting some other moms too. Should be another fun day.

On the weekend I was speaking with my parents and sister and they were busy making the fence for the house. My Aunts were arriving to visit them on Saturday for a week. It would be so nice to be there and enjoy everyone's company. Hope they all have a great time as the celebrations for the Carnival on the 2o th of August is coming up. It is like Canada Day. Celebrating our country. My sister works at the Thermal Furdo in Debrecen so she is going to take my aunts there for treatments and to just enjoy the water. Ahhh, I remember 2 years ago when we were there how nice I felt after being pampered every day for 2 weeks in the mornings. Thanks Sister! :)


  1. Cute...e-mail me at scrappin_katy@myctmh.com - I have to tell you something.