Friday, August 28, 2009

Child Less - well one less child in my house

YEEeeaaAaahhh! Grampa came to pick Chloe up to take her back to the farm for the weekend! She did not want to go, she said she only wanted to visit and wanted to see Princess ( Her Kitty, that is right no kitties in my house, lol ). I really needed a break from her so it just came at a perfect time. Remind me when is school starting again??!! :) I can not wait!
Ken was really excited to take us to a nearby go-kart place. So he rushes home to have dinner with us, though he finds Chloe sitting in the corner as soon as he steps in the house. My kid is non-stop blowing into her pasta hole-penne flute. So after several warning she sits 2 time out. I am pulling my hair out,, she did not listen all day. I really had a hard day with her so as much as I wanted to have some family time I refused to go with the go-karting. Ken and Chloe took off and I caught up with some hosue stuff. Ken and Chloe really enjoyed watching the go-karts race. They could not go-kart since there was a racing league going on that night. We are all planning going together on Monday if all behaves well and mommy does not get a nervous break down by then.

So I am enjoying the peace and quite now, I should wake Riley up though... Gotta get some groceries and some drinks since we are having Bozena and Falviu over tonight.

Here are some cards and a double page layout made with Twitterpated and different stamp sets from CTMH. Enjoy it and thanks for reading and looking... Have an awesome weekend!

PS: Yes I am addicted to Twitterpated....Soooooon, very soon I will try to use some other paper...Let me just finish this paper pack. :)


  1. I really like your cards. Haven't gotten any paper packs yet, but can't wait until next month.

  2. Thank You Leslie! I am sure you will have fun with the paper once you get it. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.