Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I started getting the kids ready to bed early since school is just around the corner! Yippeee! Well, I guess I am more excited than anybody else but I just want to slow down now, if that is possible. To be honest it is me who needs to be re-scheduled... I am a night owl and actually so are my kids. We like to sleep in. We usually get up at around 9 am and when school starts I have to be up latest by 7 am, Ouch! I am not looking forward to that part of the school starting. Anyhow, we were out the door on our way to " school" in the morning. Early which is 10 am Chloe was riding and I was speedwalking after her which was great exercise for me. Chloe kept complaining that her knees hurt, oh well, get used to it Girly! You are being trained for our morning walk or bike ride to school. :) Riley enjoyed his stroller ride, he hang out on the side of it and chewed on the stroller's different sides and parts while looking down on the sidewalk. Gosh, Chloe kept whingeing all day...she said she was itchy but I did not see anything. Boy o boy! By dinner time I noticed a red spot over her eyebrow and so I checked her out. She had H-U-G-E RASHES ON HER UPPER BODY! The size of my palm! So Riley is still sleeping at 6 pm, Ken is on his way home to take Chloe to the walk in clinic. Whew, not to woorry, it is an allergic reaction to something, but who knows what the doctor said. Give her Benedryl and she'll be fine. We'll see. he poor thing. Love ya Baby! I was really tired today and could not wait the day to end. By 9 pm both kids were in bed and I had a loooong , hot shower and a cup of tea after while working on some Twitterpated cards and pages.

Check them out, hope you like them! I still have lots of paper left of this kit! So far I made 3 cards and 2 double page layouts and there is more to come! :) The cards and layouts are made with CTMH products! Gotta love them! Good Night!

My Twitterpated layout. This is one of my pre-made layouts for Thanksgiving and I can not wait to put some pics on them.

And here come 3 cards...How cute these little mushrooms are. I love the liquid glass embellishments on the stamped image.

PS: This is my fav paper kit of all!


  1. You've done a great job! I really like the layouts.

  2. Your poor little girl. I hope she is feeling better. I hate it when the kids are sick. Makes me feel even worse off then they are.

    Beautiful work. Keep those cards and layouts coming.

  3. Thanks Ladies again!
    Yeah, poor thing, she is better the rash has dissapeared. Gosh, there should be a cure for kids who talk a dn bounce too much !!! I want to get a Nobel Prize if I come up with somethin.

  4. I love your cards....don't you love the new way that CTMH is packaging the card kit workshops? Great idea.

  5. Thanks Barbara! Yes I do love the kit especially since you can make both projects, cards and layouts! :)