Sunday, August 9, 2009

Succesfull Garage Sale

It was a succesfull day for our neighbourhood garage sale. I got rid of a few big items and some small. AS we were packing up a lady stopped by and she purchased all my kids clothes!!!! 4 HUGE boxes. I got rid of it for cheap, but at least I did not have to bring it back to my house. She even went over to my neighbours and bought all her kids clothes up too. Apparently she was sending them over to Japan to a church. ( well I hope, because we gave her a really great deal! )

Chloe was very excited Friday as we told her she could have a Lemonade stand. She was not such a great sales girl though, but luckily one of the little girls on the street helped her out. Chloe made $19.50 selling fresh, home made lemonade. She wants to use the money to buy the Hannah Montana Movie. :)

Chloe had a little friend Madison come over to play after the garage sale. The girls played perfectly, they were soo good. All of a sudden I heared music blasting from Chloe's room. The girls were playing BRATZ and listening to FYC, lol. It was too cute.

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